The Southern Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) initiative is a long term public private partnership designed to stimulate responsible and sustainable (green growth) transformation and commercialization of agriculture in the designated corridor ensuring clear and direct benefits to smallholder farmers, livestock keepers and fishermen. The SAGCOT Catalytic Trust Fund (SAGCOT-CTF) has been established as a Public-Private Partnership to provide the financing mechanism to link smallholders to agricultural value chains. SAGCOT-CTF has received funding from the World Bank (WB) as a loan to the Government of Tanzania, (P125728) through Credit No. 5776-TZ, and intends to use part of this funding for a Matching Grant Fund (MGF) which is designed to stimulate, strengthen and scale-out business linkages between smallholder farmers and agribusinesses operating in the SAGCOT.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Tanzanianregistered private agribusinesses with legitimate licenses and/or permits to do business in Tanzania.
  2. Be a financially viable agribusiness, with two years’ (CY 2016 and CY 2017) audited financial statements from an independent, recognized and registered firm which provides accounting and auditing services.
  3. Have existing relationships with smallholder groups, associations or cooperatives and want to deepen, strengthen or expand those relationships.
  4. Preference will be given to applicants which are registered SAGCOT partners under the broader SAGCOT Initiative, a Public-Private Partnership. 
  5. Applicants may forms partnerships or consortium's that include NGOs and/or community organizations, but the lead applicant must be a private sector agribusiness.

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Thanks SAGCOT CTF "I was really impressed by the state-of-the-agricultural equipment available and more so by the staff who operate them and by the well-meshed flow of work. This was an eye-opener for us so kindly keep up the good work"

Jacob Mwakipesile  photo
Jacob Mwakipesile
Njombe TZ - Small farmer